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Product Review | Down to Earth’s HUMAN NATURE

I love natural products so when I was given Down to Earth’s Human Nature products to review, I was so excited!

Natural products are usually expensive but Down to Earth’s Human Nature products are very affordable. Trust me. Buying these good products will not make a hole in your wallet.

Down To Earth is a very simple company with a very simple goal, that is to have passion for the products they sell. They believe that a high quality product that is good for you, that won’t make you or your family sick, and won’t make you go broke isn’t …

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Downy | Reignite Romance with NEW Downy Parfum Collection

Fall in love all over again with Downy Parfum Collection, a range of luxuriously scented fabric softeners developed according to fragrance trends and with the best perfumers in the world. As one of the world’s leading fabric softener brands, Downy now brings to Malaysians a new innovation, the Scent Switcher – a technology that makes every rub a new perfume experience!

Each variant in Downy Parfum Collection – Mystique, Passion, Innocence and new to the range, Happiness – now contains dual PMCs (Perfume Micro-Capsules) in each bottle. These tiny particles become activated with the natural movement of clothes, releasing …

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Carrie Junior | Stay cool and cheerful with CARRIE JUNIOR Joyful Raspberry

Smell is one of our most sensitive senses which affect not just our feelings but also our thoughts. Our sense of smell is connected really well to our memory. For instance, the smell of popcorn can remind you of being at the movies with a friend or the scent of fresh strawberries reminds you of the family picnic at the park.

Kids generally have a more acute sense of smell compared to their parents or grandparents as the sense of smell weakens as one gets older. By introducing more and varied scents in your kids’ daily life would be akin …

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HAMLEYS – The Finest Toy Shop in the World is Opening in Malaysia

The finest toyshop in the world, Hamleys is bringing good news to Malaysians! The first flagship store will open its door to the public in One Utama on the 30th of November. For more than 250 years, Hamleys of London has been the Finest Toy Shop in the World, bringing magical experiences and joy to children of all ages.

Hamleys’ rich history began with William Hamley, a Cornishman from Bodmin, England. In 1760, the first Hamleys store was opened in Holborn, London and in 1881, it was moved to Regent Street. Today, Hamleys’ flagship store in London has …

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PopMyCase | Personalised Your Phone Case With Your Kids Picture

I received a special package last week. It’s a PopMyCase phone case with personalised picture of my children!!

I love it very much. It’s now easier to take a peep at my kids’s photo with this awesome phone case.


No need to carry a printed photo in my wallet anymore. No need to scroll into my phone’s camera aps to find my children’s photo anymore.

Thanks to PopMyCase, you can customised your phone case with any picture that you like.


High Quality PopMyCase

PopMyCase use polycarbonate resin called Lexan for phone cases so rest assured, this is not the …

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JOY Diswashing Liquid | JOY Breaks Guinness World Records Title for Longest Line of Washed Plates in the World!

14 September 2013,Kuala Lumpur –JOY, the leading dishwashing liquid in 31 countries, has just created world history by breaking the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the longest line of washed plates in the world. An impressive26, 213 washed plates circled the running tracks of Bukit Jalil National Stadium, exactly 6.8 kilometres. The new world record was achieved with just one single 800ml bottle of JOY. Upon completion, there is still JOY left in the bottle!

Procter & Gamble, the company behind the revolutionary dishwashing liquid, rallied Malaysians from all walks of lifeto help make the feat possible by simply …

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Ambi Pur | We All Want Our Smellie to be Smileys!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Most certainly not! In a revealing survey conducted across the ASEAN region, consumers have resoundingly indicated that the sense of smell is equally as important as the other five senses in terms of providing the best environment in which to work, live, play and drive. In fact, the need to fix a bad smell is so strong that 9 out of 10 surveyed respondents see a need to do whatever it takes to immediately eliminate and fix an unpleasant odour.

At the AmbiPur Air Care College held recently in Kuala Lumpur, guests were engaged …

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Vibrance Kegel Device Review | My Personal Experience of Using VKD

I have been using Vibrance Kegel Device for a few months now. There is only one word to describe my experience — awesome!

Vibrance Kegel Device (VKD) is a superb device designed to help women do their pelvic floor muscle exercises easily and effectively… anytime… anywhere.

If you’re still unsure about pelvic floor muscles (what, where and why need to exercise), please read the previous post : Vibrance Kegel Device | Womens Secret to Feminine Health.

Wondering what will you get from a set of Vibrance Kegel Device? Do read some explanation with pictures in this post : Vibrance Kegel

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