Asiasons Brings Hi-5 Australia to about 100 orphans at the National Science Center

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Asiasons Group, a Malaysian-owned, Asian focused private entity firm listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore recently announced its acquisition of Hi-5 Australia (Hi-5). In conjunction with the announcement, Asiasons embarked on a Corporate Social Responsibility exercise to bring into Malaysia, the Hi-5 casts for a special charity performance dedicated to about 100 orphans from Rumah Hope, Sunbeams, Shelter Home, House of Joy and Rumah Kids.

The event held at the National Science Center also provided the children with the opportunity to visit the Dinosaurs-Live! exhibition that is currently the biggest animatronics show in Malaysia.

Hi-5 is one of the top three most successful pre-school television shows in Australia and has held this position for 10 years. Hi-5 has become a household item across Latin America, the UK and rapidly surging through Asia.

Hi 5

Catering to a wide audience of young children, each segment of the show focuses attention on a specific set of skills and targets a particular conceptual area. The materials are presented in a structure that gives children the opportunity to tap into knowledge in a way that suits them.

The range of segments, fun and the empowering atmosphere created in the show encourage children to try new skills, expands their awareness and integrate different kind of knowledge.

Hi 5

Datuk Jared Lim, Managing Director of Asiasons said, “ Hi-5 is well known entertaining pre-schoolers by the millions worldwide. The regional presence of Asiasons in Asia complements the plan of expanding Hi-5 further in Asia. We’re committed to deliver high quality production combined with content that provides sheer delight to our audience, not only in Australia but also to the rest of the world. To ensure that the core value of Hi-5 are upheld and expanded, the same creative team is maintained together with an Australian management team.”

Hi-5 will continue to maintain its presence in Australia with the same uncompromising production standards and contents that are based on extensive research so as to ensure that core values of Hi-5 continue to reach today’s media savvy and very discerning pre-school audience.

Hi 5

The current cast of Hi-5 includes Tim Maddren, Stevie Nicholson, Casey Burgress, Lauren Brant and Dayen Zheng. All members are fully qualified and trained in both music and drama bringing variety of talent to making the program a truly vibrant feast for the senses. Newest member, Dayen Zheng was born in South Korea and subsequently grew up in Cairns, Australia.

Hi 5

Hi-5 is currently touring Australia and they will perform in Singapore before arriving in Malaysia on 14th to 16th September 2012. After Kuala Lumpur, they will travel to three other cities including New Zealand, Philippines and Hong Kong.

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