Award-Winning Pantene Nature Care

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Taking inspiration from the ayurvedic and traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, Procter & Gamble (P&G) looked to the richness of nature for a new generation of Pantene Pro-V products.

Pantene Nature Care

Formulated with a combination of the Cassia Complex with Pantene’s signature Pro-V technology, Nature Care helps to nourish hair from within, so it is more conditioned and stronger against hair breakage.

“Our quest to develop a truly unique line-up with proven results began with the seed of a discover within the Cassia flower, and that bore fruit when our team of scientists discovered the key to unlocking the power of this ancient botanical,” said P&G Beauty Principal Scientist Dr Jasmine Karsono.

To harness the power of the Cassia and enhance its protective qualities, P&G scientists, with over 60 years of science expertise, used a state-of-the art technique to extract the nutritive tissues within the seeds the Cassia flower.

“Nature Care is leading the emerging ‘re-trend’ of using cutting edge technology to enhance what nature has provided. It represents the future of haircare,” said Dr Karsono.

The Cassia Complex itself works within the formula to deliver conditioning benefits, and facilitates the effective delivery of the Pro-V formula where hair needs help the most. At the rinsing stage, it provides an invisible layer of natural protection on hair.

Laboratory research also shows that the Nature Care regimen helps to preserve hair’s shine* and enhance its resilience*. It leaves hair ten times stronger against combing damage* and reduces the amount of hair fall due to breakage*.

*compared to using a non-conditioning shampoo

According to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Head of Chinese Medicine Diagnostics, Professor Chen Jiaxu:

“Natural ingredients have been shown to be easily absorbed by the human body, which is in accord with the theory of ‘integration of nature and man’ in traditional Chinese medicine. The application of herbs based on traditional Chinese theories is more efficient in promoting health.”

Pantence Nature Care

The Nature Care collection contains avocado oil, grape seed extract and bamboo in addition to the advanced Cassia Complex, which is equal to about 256 Cassia seeds in a single bottle. ‘

Nature Care is expected to hit the local shelves in April this year. It has won over 10 awards since its first launch in the US in 2009.
Pantence Nature Care range is available at all leading Malaysia supermarkets and pharmacies.

Pantene Nature Care Pricing Details

  • Pantene Nature Care Shampoo 85ML RM4.40
  • Pantene Nature Care Shampoo 170ML RM9.30
  • Pantene Nature Care Shampoo 340ML RM14.90
  • Pantene Nature Care Shampoo 680ML RM28.90
  • Pantene Nature Care Conditioner 85ML RM4.40
  • Pantene Nature Care Conditioner 170ML RM9.30
  • Pantene Nature Care Conditioner 340ML RM14.90
  • Pantene Nature Care Intensive Penetrating Treatment 135ML RM14.90
  • Pantene Nature Care Leave on Crème RM17.90


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