BabyLove® Night, the first NIGHT diaper with Extra Night Guard

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In this modern era, disposable diapers are a baby’s best friend, which stay close to them day and night, throughout their early childhood.  A new revolutionary night diaper has just arrived in town to make babies and parents a whole lot happier.

Baby Love Diaper

Specially designed with its Super Fast, Super Dry feature, BabyLove® Night diaper with Extra Night Guard Technology is here to give babies the most comfortable sleep all night long.

Research has shown that uninterrupted sleep is one of the most important aspects of a baby’s development.

Dr. Khoo Phaik Choo, a veteran in the field of paediatrics with more than 25 years of experience said: “Many parents are surprised to learn that sleep loss among babies can completely alter their behaviour, health and learning. Hence, in the baby’s best interest, parents should always look into all possible ways and means to ensure they sleep soundly. Simple things such as stocking up on the right diaper, with extra protection at night are essential for optimal development of their little ones.”

Most mothers are not aware that diaper wetting is among the top three factors that lead to frequent sleep disruption of their babies. There is no way that mums can avoid their babies from filling up their diapers at night.

However, mothers should know that even the best normal daily diaper is not designed for night use. For a sleeping child, the speed of wetness absorbency is of utmost importance, in comparison to the density of absorption.

Understanding the needs of adequate sleep to a baby’s health and development, Disposable Soft Goods (DSG), a leading diaper manufacturer in the region introduces the new revolutionary BabyLove® Night disposable diaper, the super fast absorbent NIGHT diaper that provides babies the best comfort and dryness all night long.

Baby Love Diaper

The new BabyLove® Night disposable diaper is a specialized Super Fast, Super Dry night diaper.  With the innovation of the Extra Night Guard Technology – this night diaper has 3D Super Dry Layer that enables super fast absorbency and Extra Gel Plus to ensure babies are kept super dry all night long.  BabyLove® Night is far more superior to any normal good absorbent diaper.

Merryn, a well-known lifestyle, food and mum blogger also shared, “My little Ethan must have his milk before he sleeps and that indirectly causes him to urinate a lot during his sleep. His diaper may absorb a lot however it is not able to keep him dry throughout the nights. The wet diaper surface disrupts his sleep that he wakes up grumpy. After switching to the right night diaper, he sleeps through the night and wakes up a happy baby.”

“There is no one size fits all disposable diaper for babies and children. As a leading diaper manufacturer, we strive to define and meet the various needs of today’s discerning mums on disposable diapers for their babies and children.

We truly understand the importance of a comfortable, undisrupted sleep to a baby’s development. Introducing BabyLove® Night, the first NIGHT diaper with Extra Night Guard to the market is an expression of our commitment to innovation and for mums to truly enjoy and celebrate their motherhood journey,” said Commercial Director of DSG, Mr. Foo Yoke Mun.

DSG also offers disposable diaper pants under the brand name of BabyLove® PlayPants and BabyLove® GrowPants. The BabyLove® range of products is available in various sizes in major Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Large Provision Stores and Chinese Medical Halls.

DSG’s portfolio of diaper brand, BabyLove® continues to meet the various expectations of mums on diapering through its innovation of quality products and choices, bringing mums with easier, more enjoyable and worry-free diapering experience throughout every memorable milestone of their babies and children.

 For more information on BabyLove® new range of products please visit

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  1. :lol: Hey, I have tried it. I got sample at Tesco Puchong a few weeks ago. It is good, great product at cheap price, only rm41.90. I try the sample and Mammy Poko no sale so I got the big pack – Med (66), Large (56) and XL (50). So far so good, my bb is good with it…can save some $$.


  2. tak pernah jumpa lagi sini sabah..mau cuba jugak :cool:


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