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What Is Can You Make Money with

I have came across a few blogs promoting as a way to make some easy money.

So, what is and all the excitement that comes with it?

Well, is just ANOTHER search engine trying to compete with other established ones like Google. You use search engine to find something on the internet by typing some keywords.

For example, if you want to find about ‘mombloggersplanet‘. Just type the word ‘mombloggersplanet‘ in Google search engine and voila! You’ll get some listing of websites related to ‘mombloggersplanet’. function exactly like Google. Because …

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How to Submit a New Blog to Search Engine

If you have just upgraded your blog from the free Blogspot or WordPress to a paid hosting, you’re recommended to submit your blog to a few major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The search engine spiders would eventually crawl to your new blog if you do not submit manually. But, it would index it a bit a faster if you take a minute to submit.

Being indexed or crawled by search engine means your blog will be listed in the search engine when you type the blog names.

Submit Website or Blog to Google

Go to …

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Using Emoticons in Blogging

Sometimes, a blog post that contain words alone can sound plain or harsh without a wink or a smile to let readers know that you’re being friendly or humorous.

So, emoticons came to the rescue by giving us emotional cues in our writing.

There are two broad categories of emotional messages that an emoticon can carry: positive or negative. Each has its own use in blogging.

A more detailed classification would be:

emoticon1 Emotion “sharing” emoticons – positive/negative.

emoticon2 Cue emoticons

Ornamental emoticons (all custom/animated emoticons) like these:

Well, emoticons are great in expressing your emotion in writing a blog post.

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100+ Free Blog Themes & Layout

Tired of your blog layout already? It’s time to change! But where to get beautiful theme and backgrounds for your blog for free?

Let’s help each other by adding the list of website or blog providing such wonderful and free themes and layouts here. It’s easy to do. Just leave a comment with link(s) to the respective site.  You can follow the format below. Thank you!

Suitable For: WordPress/Blogspot etc.

Link: http://……

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Moms on Twitter

Are you on Twitter? Great. Uh, not yet? Register your blog on Twitter and let’s start following a bunch of other moms already on Twitter. It’s a good way to quickly update your thoughts as well as good for blog promotion too. Nothing to lose anyway.

If you have a Twitter account, let everyone knows by leaving a comment here. For example, MomBloggersPlanet ID on Twitter is mombloggers at

Let’s follow each other shall we? If you follow me, I’ll definitely follow you!

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Alexa Traffic Ranking Tool

There are over 100 million active websites on the web. And, where is your blog stands among all the sites? What is your traffic rank?

Traffic ranking could be not so important for casual bloggers like us. But it is essential for internet business websites like Yahoo, Google etc.

It’s fun though to check your blog traffic rank once in a while. And, for that you have Alexa.

Nope. Alexa is not a girl. It’s a powerful tool used to rank website traffic.

On Alexa, the lower the Alexa ranking number, the more heavily visited the site. For …

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100+ Free Twitter Buttons!

What are you doing? Do you tweet today?

Twitter is a hot tool for bloggers. It lets you update your instant thought, quickly and easily.

Why? Because even basic updates are meaningful to family members, friends, or colleagues. Especially when they’re timely. And, for that, you have Twitter.

I love Twitter so much because I can update my quick thoughts instantly. Notice the below “What I’m Doing” on the right sidebar? It’s my Twitter updates.


And, you can follow my tweets by clicking the “Follow Me On Twitter” button (the one with the bird chirping).

Follow Me On Twitter

Once …

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Join Google Friend Connect

If you notice, I have added a new Google Friend Connect widget on the right sidebar, just below my Twitter updates (over the recent comments widget).

Google Friend Connect

I’m inviting you to add yourself to MomBloggersPlanet’s Google Friend Connect. It’s free of course. And, you’ll get to display your icon and profiles with your blog/web links on the homepage!

How it’s works? When somebody click on your icon, she will see your profile information such as Recent Activities, About Me and Links.

Google Friend Connect

So, how to join? Easy. Just click on the Join button and you’ll redirected to a page where you …

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