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How To Change Blog Icon in Blogger

Blog icon or better known as favicon (favorite icon) is the icon that you see on your internet browser, just near the URL of the blog you visited.

Here are some samples of blog that already have their own blog icon or favicon.

Blog icon or favicon gives your blog a kind of unique identity. Especially if your blog is using Blogger as the blogging platform.

It would be good to see your own icon instead of the same Blogger favicon, isn’t it?

Steps To Change Blog Icon in Blogger

It’s simple, really. Just follow these steps and your …

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Blogger Blog Not Found – Blog Been Deleted Without Notice?

Have you notice it? When you click to visit a blog that you frequently visit then a strange message pop-up.. Blogger Blog Not Found!

Yup! It is happening again. Blogger is randomly DELETING some blogs recently! Crazy isn’t it?

Since last week, I did some clicking on  a few of my daily dose blogs and OMG.. the blogs are gone. Not found anywhere on the world-wide-web.

This only happens to FREE blogs on Blogspot. Yup.. there are risk associated with having free blogs you see. Free here means you don’t have to pay anything for hosting.

Initially I thought …

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Blog Tutorial – How to Upload New Blog Layout

Today’s blog tutorial is meant for beginners. There are many blogs or websites that provide free blog layout or templates that you can use for your blog.

You can find a list of blogs that you can go to pick some nice looking blogspot layout for FREE at my entry here *click*.

Usually, you will need to DOWNLOAD a blog layout file with XML extension (.xml) to your computer first.

How to Upload New Blog Layout to Blogspot

Step 1 –  Go to LAYOUT > EDIT HTML.

New Blog Layout

Step 2 – Click CHOOSE FILE. Look for the blog …

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Blog Tutorial – How to Expand Blog Width (Part 2)

This the Part 2 of Blog Tutorial – How to Expand Blog Width. Part 1 is about how to backup your blog HTML codes before doing any editing or ‘messing-up‘. You can read Part 1 here.

I’m using Catlina’s blog as an example. This simple tutorial will show you step by step on what to do. Catlina will need to try this herself and let me know the outcome later.

Let’s see the screen shot of her blog. I have divided the blog into a few sections – showing the WIDTH of each column. The blog layout …

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Blog Tutorial – How to Expand Blog Width (Part 1)

I got a comment from Catlina the other day in my last HTML tutorial on headings. This mommy blogger asked how to customised the width of her middle content.

In other words, she would like to expand the width of her blog post section (middle content) and make it wider.

Okey.. this is something very simple to do *provided your know some HTML*. I will be using Catlina’s blog as a sample for this step by step tutorial. Her blog is using Blogger Template Style Gray Town by Exotic Mommie from CandyTemplates.

Catlina is using Blogspot …

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How to Backup Blogger Blog?

The whole blogging world was in chaos last Friday’s afternoon due to unexpected outage of Blogger’s server. The outage caused many blogs hosted on Blogspot were unable to be accessed – both by owners and by readers.

I was trying to read a favorite blog of mine on Blogspot when suddenly a stupid bX-59cppw error message popped up on my screen. I thought it was due to my internet browser… but it was the same in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. Fortunately, it’s nothing serious. And, all blogs seem to go back to normal.

You see, that’s the downside …

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Error bX-59cppw

I get this stupid error message bX-59cppw when trying to hop into many blogs on Blogspot. I don’t know whether it’s from my internet browser (I use IE, Google Chrome & Firefox – all the same), or it’s Blogger doing a dirty job cleaning some random blogs?


Hopefully, it’s nothing serious… because I cannot read all my favorite blogs on Blogspot!!

If not mistaken, in December 2008… Blogger did some random deletion of blogs causing many bloggers losing everything in their blog. I hope this is not happening again.

I have checked in the Blogger’s forum but cannot find any …

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Blog with WordPress – Setting

Let’s ammend a few more things before you start blogging with WordPress. On your Dashboard, scroll down until you see the Setting button on the left sidebar.

Blog with WordPress

Click General. In this General Setting, you can change things like blog title, tagline, time zone etc. The two most important thing to change here is the Tagline and the Time Zone. Pick UTC+8 to update the time zone to Malaysia.

Blog with WordPress

Click Writing. Here you can limit the number of line for your post box.

Blog with WordPress

Click Reading. It’s the place to limit the number of post that readers can see on the homepage. …

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