Cutest Baby Photo Contest – June 09

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Babies are adorable creatures. As a mom, you should be very proud of your little angel(s). I know the happy feeling. Because I’m proud of mine too! Good news for moms with pretty babies!

Cutest Baby Contest

MomBloggersPlanet is having a monthly Cutest Baby Photo Contest starting June 09. And, we have many great prizes to be won!


First Prize

  • One Medium Landscape or Medium Portrait HARDCOVER Photobook by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM144)
  • One bag of his/her choice (pick ANY bag)  from AliceWonders (worth from RM50-RM200)


Second Prize

  • One Medium Portrait  or  Medium Portrait Classic SOFTCOVER PhotoBook by Photo Book Malaysia (worth RM80)


Third Prize


Consolation Prize

The First and Second Prize winners will be automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest (will be held on January 2010 with more great prizes).

It’s easy to enter.

Every month, we will have a different exciting theme for this contest. You just need to dig into your baby’s photo collection and find a photo that best suit the theme. And, if you don’t have one, go grab your camera and shot a nice photo now!

June 09 theme is “Cutest Baby in RED“.

Baby in RED

Just follow the steps below and you could grab one of the wonderful prizes.

  • Get a photo of your baby in RED (red dress/red shirt/red pant/red hat/red towel/red blanket… no! you can’t paint your baby red…ha..ha..ha)
  • Write a blog post about this contest with title MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Red Contest
  • Include your baby’s photo in the post and mention his/her name and date of birth.
  • Explain why your baby should grab the title “Cutest Baby in Red
  • Include a link to this contest page, PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders in your entry.
  • Leave a comment here with link to your blog post. That’s it! Easy peasy.

Here are the links that must be included in your blog entry.

MomBloggersPlanet :
PhotoBookMalaysia :
AliceWonders :

Terms & Condition

  1. This contest is opened to Malaysian babies 0-3 years old only.
  2. Entry must be submitted by a parent or legal guardian. 
  3. Contest starts from 1st to 15th June 09.
  4. By participating, you expressly consent for your particulars and photos to be posted on .
  5. The First and Second Prize winners will be automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest.
  6. MomBloggersPlanet will select the winners
  7. AliceWonders and PhotoBook Malaysia will handle the prizes delivery to Malaysian address for free. Any delivery outside of Malaysia would have to be chargeable.
  8. Winners are requested to make a blog entry about the prizes they won with link back to MomBloggersPlanet, PhotoBookMalaysia and/or Alice Wonders.
  9. Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained
  10. Winners will be announced on and also will be contacted via email.
  11. reserves the rights to change, amend, delete or add on to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to you and shall become effective on such date as determine by us. You agree to be bound by such amendments.
  12. reserves the right to cancel the contest at any stage, if deemed necessary in our opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of our control.

This month’s Cutest Baby Photo Contest is proudly sponsored by:


PhotoBook Malaysia

Interested to become a sponsor for our contest? We have some great offers in return of your sponsorship. Contact us at admin[at]

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There Are 215 Responses So Far. »

  1. Salam & Good Morning!

    Wow! Contest again? Count me in!

    Pls visit the link… thanks!

  2. This is fun! fun! fun!!

    More reason to go out and shop shop shop@!~

    *pengsan laki aku*

  3. wah.. this is so interesting…

    (merah ye..? hmmm…)

  4. wow!!! contest lagik… i want to give a try lahhh…
    i will do the posting asap….
    merah?? how about dark red?? boleh ker!!!

  5. i likeeeee :grin:

  6. :lol: nak join2 hehe

  7. isabelle, wah cepatnya!

    jiji, nak shopping apa tu.. baju merah? he..he

    zuhaini, merah ye

    sitimummysofia, any shade of red will do :grin:

    yanadzul, like it? jom join!

    sya, join jgn tak join!

  8. salam…wah..suka sangat bila tgk ada contest ni..saya dah buat entry..visit here…


  9. salam…wah, antoher contest!!
    here’s my entry


  10. ok, little mama,
    nak join juga…
    mari tengok sini, :)

  11. saya tanak ketinggalan.. tguuu! :lol:

  12. erk…kena pakai baju merah ek…ok balik ni selongkar semua baju2 afif yg kaler merah..hadiah sungguh memberansangkan!

  13. contest…horeyyyy
    alamak…anak i macam tak ada gambar in red laaaa…

  14. wah..nak join juga ..nanti i godek2 gambar Qarissa in Red..hahhaha..bestnya ..

  15. hiks x sabar nk joint!!! :razz:

  16. ohh..this is soo interesting. nak join la. first time ni.. hmmmm.. but dani’s still small.. takleh nak posing lebih2. hehehe.. :wink:

  17. Great prizes…here is my entry

    Good luck everyone!! :smile:

  18. Cant wait to see how cute my baby in RED !!!

    you can just view my link here :

  19. yeahh..mesti join..feel free to visit my entry ya..

    tq tq..

  20. me entered……..

    harap dapat luck from my son’s this time!

  21. nak masokk..nak masok..

    tp wait2 haa 4 my enttry (ekceli tgh nak dok cuti wat entry tp contest punyer pasal , trpakse break the rule yg sendiri buat)

    anak2ku byk koleksi baju merah ..hahaha tp bukan red devil haa

  22. nak join la..merah is red, merah jambu is bleh tak kalau ade warna pink2 sikit. babyku fan of pink lah! kalau real red tu kene cari baju lain lah(shopping!!!!!)

  23. miszama, kena ada kaler merah – merah cerah, merah gelap, merah hati…he..he… pink tu dah kira lain kaler dah :razz:

  24. thanks to penaja bcoz anjurkan contest ni.
    first time ever masuk any contest utk anak2… excited !

    [url=]AIN SYUHADA BINTI KAMARUNNEZAM[/url] – klik link ni utk the cutest baby in red…

  25. best…

  26. Set bilik tido baby kaler merah!!!! Biar semua orang kalahhhhh@!~

    (haa kan dah jadi pantun sebijik)

    Ada yg jadi topekong cina pulak kang.


    Okeh nak shopping tanglong!!!


  27. Very interesting.. kena join ni.. saje nak tambah participants.
    Hehehe.. Nantikan kedatangan entry hamba.. :grin:

  28. Salam!

    Nie 1st time nak masuk contest yg dianjurkan oleh MBP!

    This is my entry:

    Jemputlah ke “rumah” saya ye…:)

  29. Hi There,

    Me too dah buat entry khas Qarissa In Red! 1st time join contest MBP & feel so excited ..heheh..teruja dengan color merah! Ahaks ..

    Feel free to visit my baby blog:

    The special entry for the competition :

    Good Luck To Everyone ..

    Watie @ Mummy Qarissa

  30. hai..sila ke link saya ye

    dah join juga.

  31. Red aye? Since this is whole year contest, I’m up for the next,next one!

  32. harap2 nuha ada tuah merah nya :D
    ni link nyer…

    Auntie Sofea, x per kan kalo saya tulis kat blog saya sendirik tapi ummi yang guide saya?

    Nur Nuha Humayra


    sorry little mama.
    kat atas nun, copy & paste link nampak nyer salah plak :neutral: sorry… nasib baik tersedar.

  34. nak join gak ahh..tak tinggal nih…nti leh antar contest ek..kena la beli baju merah utk Alisha…huhu

  35. hai little mama..

    dengan mood nak bertandingnya..saya sertakan link..!
    jom singgah..

  36. Hello there…this is my entry…
    Please visit my link ya…thanks…

  37. hi there littlemama

    don’t forget to count me in..

    so tanpa segan silu, inilah link saya

    to all mommy out there.. jangan la segan silu utk berkunjung ye
    jom.. jom..

  38. 0-3 years old ajer ke…
    my boy is now 4 yrs old…but i got lots of his pics in red taken while he was 0-3 years..boleh ker nak join contest ni little mama…

  39. Hi littlemama,

    This is my entry.. julung2 kali try ni.. ha ha ha..

  40. Salam littlemama,

    i done the entry/posting, pls do visit my blog yeah!!!

    mudah2an ada rezeki amin….

    Thanks :)

  41. Littlemama, nak confirm tang rule. Let’s say dah join this one, the next, next one boleh join lagi tak? Ker ada limit brapa kali nak join sebab contest sepanjang tahun, kan?

  42. wah ader contest blh la msk

  43. mama zharfan, yes 0-3 years old.. 3+ not yet reach 4 still can enter.. if dah celebrate 4th birthday tak boleh la :smile:

    hanz, boleh! dah join bulan ni, bulan seterusnya pun boleh join.. sebab tema dia lain2.. contest ni will be held monthly sampai bulan 12 dgn tema2 yg menarik setiap bulan… :razz:

  44. littlemama,
    sorang blogger bley post berapa banyak entry utk satu2 theme?

  45. nak tny.. kalo sy ade twins umur 2thn++ & baby umur 6 bulan.. kalo nk masuk tiga2 sekali blh ke?? hehe…

  46. salam littlemama..

    nk kasik link.. cuba nasib..

  47. yan, nak post banyak entry untuk satu theme pun boleh.. tapi tak boleh pakai gambar yg sama + explanation why your baby should win the title pun mesti la berbeza dari enty sebelumnya..

    nurul, boleh! as long as your baby suma 0-3 tahun ye..

  48. salam littlemama…saya nak conformkan..saya dah buat entry n dah bagi link kat saya dah umur 11 bulan skrg tapi yg tuk contest tu saya letak pic dia masa umur dia 5 bulan??boleh ker??ke saya kena letak pic yg usia dia skrg?

  49. liza, boleh.. asal jarak umur sekarang dgn gambar tak la beza sampai lebih setahun, tapi kalau gambar terkini lagi bagus :wink:

  50. Erm… kalau baju pink takleh ke? Shade of red jugak tu. *wink*

  51. nk tnye, eus lulus x nk masokkn icha dlm contest tu? :sad:

  52. zety zin, pink takleh ye.. perhaps later ada theme kaler pink pulak.. kali ni red sahaja.. he..he..he

    eus, icha lahir 2007 kan, kira lulus la tu.. :razz:

  53. hye lilmama

    here is my entry link ;

    check it out ya . Thanx a LOT . Hopefully this time luck is with me . Amin . . . :grin:

  54. huwaaaa~~~~kenapa harus merah??

    mana mau carik ini kaler… :mrgreen:


    okeh sya dah wat n3 nye… jemput dtg mengadili…. :razz:

  56. tQ.. tQ.. tQ… :mrgreen:

  57. feel free to read my entry here

  58. effa dah buat entry for this contest…!!! harap2 effa lucky kali ni…dapat le nak pakai beg yg diidam-idamkan & dapat le simpan gamba2 kenangan dlm album tu…hihihihi…

    meh le singgah ke blog effa…

  59. —-> Get a photo of your baby in RED (red dress/red shirt/red pant/red hat/red towel/red blanket… no! you can’t paint your baby red…ha..ha..ha)

    sori nak tanye sikit… refer kat syarat tu ada cakap sekeping gambar.. kalau post gambar lebih dari sekeping boleh ker? terima kasih… :razz:

  60. cik jeela, kenapa harus merah ye? sebab feature wall rumah saya merah…he..he… kidding oki? sebab merah tu menyerlah.. tak de baju merah ke… reason untuk shopping!

    ummumishkah, kalau nak letak lebih dr satu dlm one entry boleh aje.. nanti i pick yg paling comei. :razz:

  61. Hey… I would like to participate too! This is my first participation… Hope it works!!! :mrgreen:

  62. My first entry!!! Hope it works!

  63. hi,

    thanks for the email. This is my entry;


  64. Whoaaa..

    Never try any contest before..feel interested with this contest :)
    let’s try…

    please visit my blog:

  65. tumpang tanya, saya nak join jugak buleh ke..minat nak try..tq.

  66. salam littlemama,
    ari ni eus ade msokkn lg 1 gmbo icha.. bleh kn? baru teringat adenye gmbo tu.. ehe.. adil x? klo xnk kire pn xpe lh.. eus juz letak jerk.. ehe… :lol:

  67. Salam auntie
    Ini entri aimi ye.

    bagila aimi menang ye hehe.tq

  68. baby in red :wink:

  69. join part 1.

  70. ni part 2

  71. eh saya punya kedua2 link tu ilang pulak dari blog. saya cuba buat yg baru. binawe betul

  72. ni entry saya…jenguk2 la….

  73. saya dah buat dah! wish me luck! and please pay a visit! :)

  74. latest tadi takleh link . part 1.

  75. aiyakk…ilang lagi ke link tadi? cehhhh. new one

    aiyooo letih–xleh link lagi x tahu ler nak ckp aper..lenguh.

  76. saya letak 2 calon, tapi nanti mombloggers tgk le nak mana 1 ek.tq

  77. salam..
    nak masuk gak!!
    check it out…

    with love,

  78. Hi…
    nak joint jugakk…

    tq yaa..

  79. Please please let me win@!~ Hehehe. :lol:

  80. Every month ade contest?.. Yabedabedoooo !!

    my link, jemput jenguk…


  81. please pick my little tomato – kahfi! and good luck to other mommies! :D

    here’s my link ;)

  82. hi! I’ve did it! here’s the link

  83. nak masuk boleh tak? aritu masuk macam tak diterima je mother’s day contest.. ke umi salah syarat2nyer..

  84. umidanish, anak umur 3+? boleh aje join… nape cakap mcm tak diterima ye ari tu.. mother’s day contest bukan mombloggersplanet yg judge.. so i tak pasti lak tang tu..

    oh ya.. nak tanya.. you ada setup setting “Adult Content” as Yes ke.. sebab kalau i first time klik your link mesti ada warning message ckp mcm ni:

    Content Warning

    The blog that you are about to view may contain content only suitable for adults. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

    I think better u tukar the setting to “No” so everytime org klik your link terus dapat tgk your blog instead of the warning ok?

    under Setting > Basic > Adult content

  85. next month nye contest adalah contest utk memilih tema contest untuk next-next month hahahahahah@!~

    (punya over nak masuk contest dah ni.. asal boleh je heheh)

  86. jiji, he..he.. sabar bu, sabar! next punya thema adalah :?: …. eh.. tunggu next month la dear :lol:

  87. hello!!

    this is my first contest n am soo excited about it.

    n below is my entry!

    thanks for organizing this contest!

  88. Salam littlemama,

    Tq kerana pemberitahuan berguna untuk umi, umi dah tukar ikut yg littlemama bgtahu.Hope lepasni tak menjadi masalah. hehe… baby umi baru 5 bulan, masuk 6 bulan 12hb ni..

    Apepun thanksss banyak2.. nak join tgh berkobar2 ni.. hehe :grin:

  89. well done littlemama…contest yg happening gitu..

    here’s my link :- :wink:

  90. salam.. sy pon x nak lepaskan peluang menjoinkan diri..

    here’s my link

    tq! :wink:

  91. Miss littlemama.

    My first ever contest.

    Here is the link

  92. here my first attempt, count me in~! =)


  93. Hi,
    I’m interested to enter this contest too. SO, here’s my link. :razz:

  94. sorry I forgot to type my link

  95. Please give a chance to my little Arwa,

    Thanks to Littlemama, Alicewonder dan Photobook Malaysia

  96. my link here…first attempt for my first baby…hik hik hik :razz:

  97. 1st time enter dis contest..hopefully my lil hero can be 1 of the winner..

    jemput2 le visit my blog..

  98. hi
    4 kali error ni tak bleh submit comment…

    my link

  99. oo rupanya lupa nak scroll bawah lagi…hehhehe sowy ape tah i tulis mula2 tadi semua lupa dah..hehe

  100. Hi, love to participate

  101. Kak Ros saya dah post about this contest in my blog


  102. ni dah bape kali error malu gua!…submit lagi sekali..haha

  103. Do visit my link..:p

  104. salam,

    saya berminat contest ni dan dah join pun…

    Visit blog saya…

  105. hai…try for my gegirl..tq

  106. error

  107. salam pihak penganjur yg budiman, disini saya sertakan penyertaan saya.. sudi2 la melawat blog yg tak seberapa itu..

  108. dah buat dah…
    best peraduan niehh

  109. kikin, kalau error lagi tak pe la.. sian tgk asik error je.. saya dah sempat pegi tengok + save piccas of Dina & Danish.. also sempat copy the reason why shud win…

    fyi, i akan save suma piccas peserta + compile all the reasons supaya senang tgk :wink:

  110. huzreen, dah buat ye? boleh bagi direct link to the post yg u buat..i tak nampak in your blog (maybe sebab mata dah blur tgk ramai sangat baby yg comel-comel)

  111. salam, saya baru je join, check it out my little angel!!


  112. sorry cik puan…

    baru re post…

    terima kasih

  113. hye,

    i wud love to participate and hope have a good chance at winning. *wink*

    my link:


  114. Salam,

    Here’s link to mysarah’s blog..

    see you there!

  115. salam n hye there,

    i wanna join the contest! i wanna join n i wanna win!! hihihi…
    kindly, feel free to visit this link —>

    tq in advance :wink:

  116. is sitting on a red couch counted?

  117. leona, the rule is baby must wear something red or shade of red.. sitting on something red is not counted ya :razz:

  118. tak berkesempatan lagk nak join contest ni…

    kalau anta gambo baby bukan kite punye sendiri (anak) tapi adik (yg masih baby) counted tak?? hehe

  119. this’s my entry for my daughter:

    THanks…stay tuned for another entry for my son :) since both of them qualified(below 3)

    Haha..thanks for organising such fun contest for us!


  120. Salam…

    Husna nak joint juga!
    Husna tak kisah menang or kalah…
    Apa…yang penting…
    kita heppy…hehehe

    Nie link Husna yer… :


  121. yan, wahh..ada adik yg masih baby ke? contest ni cuma untuk anak sendiri atau anak angkat yg mana kita adalah parent atau legal guardian dia ye… :wink:

  122. Salam..Nak join jugak..first time masuk contest..nih entry untuk My Sweetie Pie ;)

    Thanks to: LittleMama, AliceWonder & Photobook Malaysia

    With Luv,

  123. salam little mama, saya pun dh join contest ni…and ni url entry utk contest nie….

    thank u very3 much..mmmuahh

  124. Salam LittlMama,

    Ni entry saya untuk contest ni. Feel free to visit this link.. :D

    Thank you :)

  125. Hi there LilMama :)

    Thanks for having this cute contest!
    Check out my entry ya…

    Bye! :cool:

  126. Salam….
    Saya tak pernah buat blog sendiri. Tapi sebab nak join contest ni saya try gak. Here my entry…..TQVM


  127. hii littlemama,

    erm, jom jalan2 blog umi, umi da buat entry untuk contest ni di

    manalah tahu, danish antara salah seorang calon yang cute cam baby lain.. =)
    Tq buat contest best ni.. :wink:

  128. Hie..Our first attempt entering competition….pls do visit my blog

  129. our 1st attempt…pls visit and vote us….. :razz:

  130. I luvz red.. harus join nieh!! tgh gigih menyiapkan entry nie…huhu.. dh settle i kc link ya…

  131. a’ah yan ade adik yg masih baby.. baru 9 bulan. Qis (anak yan) pun tua 3 bulan dr dia.. hehe
    a’ahla.. baru tingat syarat2 anak or penjaga.. hmmm… kite tak jaga diapun.. jumpepun baru 5 kali hahaha..
    huhu tak patla joing… Qis takde baju merah.. baju pink manyak..

  132. Okies done~
    sila lah ke blog saya yer… littlemama! Thanks!

  133. wahhh ramainya dah join neh@!~ photobook malaysia kena kasi complimentary poster senarai gambar semua baby yang join contest ni .. boleh kuar magazine neh. Hehehe. Momsies Gud luck@!~

  134. hi..juz try my baby luck


  135. salam…..

    ni i punya link

    thanks :razz:


    new link..sorry.. :grin:

  137. hai. bestnye ada baby contest. 1st time join contest kat sini. feel free to view:

    p/s ehh baru perasan contest ni utk 0-3yrs. so kakaknye nanti bole masuk jugak la tp kena cari anything in red jugak la… haih cemana anak2 tadek baju merah ni padahal ibu ayahnye melambak2 baju merah. adoih (ops..mcm da dpt idea tanpa mengeluarkan wang je…)

  138. ha’!!Baru dapat posting gambar Alisha.

    Sila sila lah ke rumah saya melawat anakanda ke 7 saya…

    thank you

  139. Salam little mama, Jue dah join contest ni semalam.mcm maner nak tau yg blog kita tu dh link dgn tiga2 address tu?Jue tak pandai sgt pasal blog ni.Itu pun jue try gak sebab nak join contest ni.If little mama free open lah blog jue n see jue dah menepati syarat2 ke tidak? Thanks a lot little mama.. :razz:

  140. jiji, memang ramai.. sampai i dah pening lalat tengok semua entries ni.. baby pun suma comel-comel..

    jue, kena letak tiga2 link tu dalam blog post.. senang je..copy dan paste :razz:

  141. Salam LittleMama,

    We’re trying our luck.. hehehe


  142. Slm littlemama.TQ2, jue dah dapat buat.nak tanya lagi ni, mmg boleh letak byk2 pic ke dlm blog tu little mama?selagi blm dateline, kita masih leh edit blog kita kan little mama?sorry byk tanya ni little mama…excited nak join.hehe.once again tq 4 ur help :razz:

  143. jue, it’s fine to put many pictures.. nanti i pick yg paling comel untuk dipaparkan dalam satu special entry for participants..

    nak edit boleh tapi sila bagitau by leaving comments here… sebab i usually dah pegi tengok you all punya entries and already get the best picture (compile senang tgk).. and also dah compile the reasons why your baby should win..

  144. oh, my maidden contest since bcoming mommy!

    Here’s my link

    thnaks 4 having such a great contest & happy judging

  145. orait, saya pun dah buat..

    Here it goes..

    kalau u tak dapat bukak link let me know yer..

  146. salam…..

    wah….sengit saingannya nih…..maklumlah hadiahnya best giler……

    mama dah buat entry kat sini…..

    silalah jenguk ye…..mana tau ada rezeki kak yayah nak menang……waduh bestnya kalau dapat first prize……

    thank you ye sebab buat contest yg best gilos ni :-)

    littlemama Reply:

    ye..saingan sengit betul.. sampai pening organizer dah..ha..ha

  147. salam..
    saya dh wt entry..sile ler jenguk ye..hopefully murah rezki anakku..
    thanks for the contest. ;)

  148. check out my entry :

    thanks for organizing this contest..

  149. Salam..
    Kalu saya blom lagi jadi member momblogger ni bley ke masuk contest ni?

    littlemama Reply:

    yuzie, belum jadi member pun boleh join..dalam rule takde letak syarat kena jadik member kan :grin:

    tapi kalau jadi member lagi bagus sebab boleh tau pasal contest updates melalui email :razz:

  150. Pertama kali saya masukkan contest untuk anak saya…. Ramai betul penyertaan dari ibu-ibu lain. Untuk ibu-ibu yang sama-sama masuk contest nie… anak-anak anda semua memang cute-cute belaka.

    Inilah penyertaan anak saya yang cute dan handsome di mata saya dan suami.

    Ingin lihat anak saya?????

    Iza Dora (Ibu Azam Azim)’s last blog post..MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Red Contest

  151. salam,

    i pun nak join!!
    here is the link:

    semoga ada rezeki this time..
    happy judging yer little mama!!

    littlemama Reply:

    suzy, join jom! happy contesting

  152. Little mama…sy tersilap antar using diff title pd 10.6 ,semalam la…..leh tukar kan..tapi isi tak ada change..terima kasih

    ina’s last blog post..MomBloggersPlanet – Cutest Baby in RED!!

    littlemama Reply:

    ina.. title tukar takpe… kalau content ada change pun bagitau ye.


    hehe ;-)

  154. ibu ayra already did the entry for this contest, sila la jenguk ye little mama…

  155. hi little mama, check my entry:
    [rq=1767,0,blog][/rq]CUTEST BABY PHOTO CONTEST

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