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Blog Tentang Perjalanan Hidup Aku + My Hubby + My Nuha + My Everythings…. that’s the tagline that greeted me upon checking Elissmie blog for this review. The tagline is nicely written on a pretty header with pictures of the owner and her loved ones.


The owner used a template style named Sunset, edited by the owner. The blog layout is a 3-columned with two sidebars and a middle content.On the left sidebar, there are an about me space, links to her hubby’s and dear daughter’s blogs, a follower widget, some banners, label cloud and blog archive. . Whereas, on the right sidebar, there are a mini-me, happy-o-meter, a poll, a clock, recent comments, top commentators, live feed and links to favorite blogs/sites.

The layout being used is soft pastel beige for the background and black text for the content. I think the choice of color is good as it is relaxing to the eye. You see, white is the best and soft pastel colors are the best alternative.

Content wise, the owner seems to update her blog regularly and that is another good point in blogging. The owner writes mostly about her baby, family, cooking and anything that relates to her life. Some blog posts are accompanied by relevant pictures which is a good point for a blog.

I’m giving this blog 3 star rating out of 5. This blog gets an excellent for navigation while content, uniqueness, activity and appearnce scores an average.

  1. Content  0.6
  2. Uniqueness 0.6
  3. Activity 0.6
  4. Appearance 0.6
  5. Navigation 1.0

Here’s a suggestion of thing that I think the ownner could do.

  • The owner could consider placing all the anniversary tickers from under the header to the sidebars (both daisypath tickers seems small enough to fit the top of either sidebars). And, the wedding countdown ticker could be placed just before the content. Doing this could free up some spaces under the header so visitor could directly see the top navigation bars and some teaser of the content without scrolling.
  • For the pictures use in content, I would suggest the owner to consider adding watermark/copyright stamp to discourage people from stealing/using the pictures.
  • To improve the content and uniqueness, the owner could consider adding more useful contents beside family/personal stories. She could do more writing on subjects that she knows and would be useful for readers of her blog.

That’s all my review on Elissmie! What do you think about this blog? Leave constructive comments here for Eliss.

And, to Eliss, keep up all the good work and happy blogging!

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  1. Dah penah masuk dulu dlm blog elissme tp xpenah tinggal jejak.. huhuhu.. rasanya blog ellisme pun sama cam ann punya.. byk pix n widget.. so bile internet slow, bleh berjanggut menunggu kuar semua item dia.. camne nak buat bg dia jd loading cepat ye..?
    .-= mamibizi´s last blog post ..Carrot & Walnut Cake =-.


    littlemama Reply:

    mamibizi, tunggu kemunculan schedule post for your blog review on Monday, 5th Oct.. nanti i bagi tips on making page load faster


  2. ros dah nengok blog ann untuk diriview ke? macih³… semalam br edit skit nak letak button tp arini nengok button hiding balik header.. arini bizi lak masak kek 5kg tempahan… so esok ler br nengok…


    littlemama Reply:

    ann, dah siap tulis entry dan di schedule post 5 hb..he..he


  3. kalo camtu okeh ler sebab mesti time littlemama wat rebiu, masalah tu xde lagik.. so, xde kureng point dia nanti… huhuhu.. :lol:
    .-= mamibizi´s last blog post ..Selamat HAri RAya =-.


  4. hai eliss…
    aida da follow & add pun blog eliss.
    nice reading…
    .-= adianiez AIDA´s last blog post ..September ‘09 Featured Mom Blogger, Aida! =-.


  5. hi aida, i will follow you :)
    .-= eliss´s last blog post ..Al-Fatihah… =-.


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