Guangzhou Wholesale Buying Trip Scam – Beware!

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I know many of us, mom bloggers really want to quit the day job and run a business from home. In other words, we want to become a super work at home moms (SWAHM).

There are many ways to make your dream becomes a reality. The important keys, are of course… PLANNING and LEARNING.

As an avid online shopper, I noticed there are many moms start selling kids clothing on their blog. This is a very good start indeed. Keep it up, moms!

I also have launched my own online Baby Boutique, Little Mama’s LOVE as a little step to become a WAHM myself.

If we talk about selling (anything at all, kids clothing, bags, electronic appliances etc).. the one thing that we always have in mind is the SOURCE of products, right?

We can get the items here in Malaysia at wholesale prices from the supplier, no problem. Many people are doing that and are very successful.

But, if you want to become a true entrepreneur, you will want to get rid of the middle-man (wholesale supplier). And, get the products yourself from the source.. at a far cheaper price.

Guangzhou Wholesale Buying Trip or Shopping Trip?

Recently, there are many trips so called “Guangzhou, China – Wholesale Buying Trip for New Entrepreneurs“, organised by various people.

Well, the phrasing of the words might be different but the meaning is the same – to TEACH you the insider secrets of buying wholesale in Guangzhou, China.

Waah.. sounds great, isn’t it?

RM2,300+ for a 5-day wholesale buying trip (including flight, transport, hotel, food and wholesale market visits) should be no problem if you really want to learn from those who already have experiences.

But, beware!!

The trip to Guangzhou that you think as a medium for you to learn Guangzhou wholesale buying might turn into a Guangzhou SHOPPING trip.

It’s a huge different between BUYING WHOLESALE and SHOPPING, am I right?

Got Scam & Cheated

You see, my husband just came back from one of those Guangzhou wholesale trip. There are 13 participants with the same expectation which is to learn the insider secrets in buying wholesale in Guangzhou, China.

Let me list a few participants with the product they intend to buy in wholesale

  • Mr Clothing – children clothings
  • Mr Camera – digital camera
  • Mrs Craft – craft products
  • Mr Bag – leather bags

All of them happily went to China with the organizers and expecting the organiser to teach or guide them:

  • WHERE to get the items
  • WHICH suppliers are the best, and
  • HOW to get the best deal.

But, none of the 13 participants get what they wanted.

It’s Just a Leisure Shopping Trip not a Wholesale Buying Trip

The organizers took them to the wholesale markets but instead of teaching or guiding them to get the items they wanted, the organizers just LEFT them there!

It’s up to them to check all the shops there on their own. Mind you.. there are hundreds of shops there. But, most of them are not selling wholesale.

There are a few hidden wholesale shops here and there. And, with only a few hours… how they’re supposed to find the best one?

Everyone in the trip feel cheated and angry.

Anyone can just fly to Guangzhou on their own (without paying a hefty fees to the organizers) and do some shopping.

The Real Cost of Shopping in Guangzhou?

Yup, those participants paid RM2,300 each so that they can learn how to buy wholesale. Instead, they just learn where to do some shopping, duh!

Here are the estimated real cost if you go there on your own.

  • Flight Air Asia (return) RM700
  • Hotel (RM70 per night x 4) RM288
  • Food (assuming you eat a lot) RM200+
  • Transport RM300+ (taxis are cheap :)

Total cost should be around RM1500 only! And, the organizer charged RM2,300 which means they pocketed RM800 per person for nothing!

Easy money for not showing or teaching or guiding the participants what they really need to know.

This entry is not meant to scare you, the future entrepreneurs.

But, treat this as a guidance before signing up to any Guanzhou wholesale trips. You might be losing your hard-earned money for no real Guangzhou wholesale knowledge in return.

If possible, check and confirm with the organizer about the trip. Ask a lot of questions. Tell them your expectations.

For example, if you want to buy craft products on wholesale.. make sure they show and guide you until you get what you wanted.

TOOK people to the wholesale markets and LEFT them to wander aimlessly means cheating people.

Don’t let the same thing happen to you. There might be a real good and honest organizers out there and we might be the unlucky ones to follow this one.

So, it is good to do some research and ask around. If possible, get the organizers to provide some testimonials and contact number of the person for you to personally check.

Good luck!

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  1. Congratulation dear….TQVM for sharing a very good info.
    lina´s last blog post post ..Laksa Johor


  2. thanks for sharing..scam is everywhere now..beware!
    kinna´s last blog post post ..ini kawan saya


  3. saya nak pergi juga tapi sendiri sendiri utk suka suka…..kena belajar selok belok dulu la nih


  4. Isn’t there somewhere we can make a report (like consumerisme ministry). It’s sad the way people have no qualms about cheating honest people out of their hard earned money.

    MY LATEST ENTRY: Trying the KFC Toasted Pocketful


  5. Useful extra careful to newbies. :sad:
    Miss Eeta´s last blog post post ..First Halfmataku semakin layuhuargghh


  6. Kesian dekat orang-orang yang pergi tu, teraniaya dengan orang lain yang tamak.

    Latest Entry: Aku Melanggar Fitrah
    unlisted_one´s last blog post post ..Aku dan Donashi


    Mrs. Bee Reply:

    congrats dear…tq for the info !!!
    Mrs. Bee´s last blog post post ..Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers


  7. …baru bercadang2 nak join the trip to Guangzhou tapi bila dah baca entry ni kena think twice..takut terpedaya juga. :cool:


  8. salam semua,

    alang2 ada entry ni can i menyelit?

    at Scriptory Box now we house for a training for new entrepreneur (preferably Muslims) for shopping trip to Guangzhou (called Guangzhou 102).

    They’ll not only bring u there, take u to factories, but also teach you how to survive in China, so that in the future you could get there by yourself.

    Browse their blog : for more info.

    the nearest trip is on this 17th July. you might want to get the testimonial from this group before u decide to join kan?


    thanks for the space :grin:
    Mommy Lyna´s last blog post post ..Makanan Penambah Susu – Apa Yang Ada Dalam Milk Booster


  9. An eye-opener sharing. Thanks Ros!
    Hanz´s last blog post post ..Baby Hanz


  10. :roll: baru je dok survey2 “trip to guangzhou”….thks for the info….


  11. salam satu malaysia…yang sy x paham kat sini blog : ni boleh percaye ke x?sy ni baru lagi nk menceburi bidang ni….sesiape yg penah join this web site plz give feedback yg bergune…


  12. i’m going to guangzhou next month. is there any particular place that i can start shopping for wholesale buying..



  13. baru nak usha2 ttg belian barangan dari China nih…thx d info.
    yas´s last blog post post ..Wordless Wednesday – kencing dalam botol


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