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Tips from Mothers to Mothers | To Grow is to Let Go & Cherish your child’s individuality

“Spread your wings and prepare to fly… for you have become a butterfly.” In our final part of Joys of Motherhood with Friso Gold series, two mothers distil the need to go with the flow.

To Grow is to Let Go

Good mothers give their children roots and wings—roots to know where home is and wings to fly off and experience new thing in life.

Siew Lai Ching

“As much as you love to dress your children to the nines, it does their self-esteem a lot of good to pick out their own clothes,” said Siew Lai Ching.

Cherish your child’s individuality

“Support …

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Tips from Mothers to Mothers | Put Your Girlfriends Back on the Schedule & Share Your Passion with Your Children

Life seems to just begin when you become a mother. Revisit the core of your being and you’ll discover it’s more than just making carrot puree.

Put Your Girlfriends Back on the Schedule

So often we put our friends on the back burner when we become mothers, forgetting that friendships are also one essential source of joy.

“Friends act as a tremendous support, but they also contribute to a mother’s happiness by acting as a release valve,” said Siti Noorfarawahidatun Lela.

Siti Noorfarawahidatun Lela

Exercise with a friend, organize a play date with another mother, offer to drive a mom to the toddler-and-me …

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Tips from Mothers to Mothers | Be Yourself & Little Moments of Mommy Me-Time

There is a saying that goes; “Everyday is Mother’s Day” which encapsulates Friso Gold’s aim in their recent ‘Share the Joys of Motherhood’’ Facebook contest.

Friso Gold encourages Malaysian mothers to share their beautiful stories about the joys of motherhood and at the same time stand a chance to win great prizes.

12 mothers have emerged as winners in the contest.

Join us in a 3 part Joys of Motherhood with Friso Gold series as six of these mothers share some of their parenting tips with the rest us:

It all begins with you. Celebrate yourself as …

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Vibrance Kegel Device Review | What’s In The Box?

Do you exercise your pelvic floor muscles today? I bet you don’t…ha ha.

No offence, but many women don’t really care about their pelvic floor muscles. Not until they suffer from urinary incontinence or the worst nightmare, organ prolapses!

I was one of them. Yes, really. I only started exercising my pelvic floor muscles when I was pregnant and had problems controlling urine. It was really bad. I leaked whenever I cough, sneeze or even laugh.

Luckily, a regular exercise to the pelvic floor muscles known as Kegel exercises improved my muscles strenght and saved me from having to wear …

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Vibrance Kegel Device | Women’s Secret to Feminine Health

It is not easy being a woman especially if you’re married with kids and have a full time work to juggle with.

We always do our best to ensure everything is in order and we put the topmost priorities on our marriage, children and our job. Sometimes we forgot that we need to take care of our self so that we can take care of others.

We can’t do our normal daily tasks and look after our children if we’re sick and bedridden.

So moms, please take good care of your well being. Eat well, take enough rest and perform regular exercises …

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Be Confident in Your Own Skin

In line with the National Healthy Skin Campaign, secrets of beautiful healthy skin was revealed in the recent workshop conducted by Bio-Oil.

As the famous saying goes, when you look good, you feel good. Instead of constantly relying on cosmetics to conceal your skin problems, Bio-Oil addressed on the need to cultivate a daily skin care regimen that will help you solve skin issues and maintain healthy skin.

“Feeling good about our physical appearance translates into a higher degree of self-confidence. Fortunately, it does not require a huge outlay of cash or an expensive makeover to maintain healthy skin; it …

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Awakening your Inner Beauty with The Lifestyle Circle by Bioinfinity

KUALA LUMPUR, 23rd March 2013 – In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Bioinfinity brought sexy back with The Lifestyle Circle (TLC) at Paradox Art Cafe in Bandar Utama, kicking off a series of events focused on women’s health, beauty and wellness.

50 women were treated to an exclusive morning of fun and frivolity involving many embarrassed laughs mixed with a dash of spontaneity induced games and most importantly, learning the art of owning your body.

Celebrating womanhood and everything that embodies female empowerment, Bioinfinity – Malaysia’s very own medical manufacturer and creator of the award-winning Vibrance Kegel Device – is …

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ASTRO TUTOR TV PRESENTS LIVE ONLINE TUTORIAL FOR SPM STUDENTS – Submit your revision questions now and have it answered live on YouTube!

Astro Tutor TV will host a special online tutorial LIVE on YouTube from 2pm onwards on Sunday 28th October to help SPM students prepare for challenging questions in light of the upcoming examinations in November.

Students can submit their revision questions from now until Friday 26th October via social network sites including Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and the hashtag #AskTutorTVSPM along with their questions.

Selected questions will then be answered by Astro Tutor TV’s panel of tutors via Google+ Hangout on Air where viewers can catch the live tutorial on Astro Tutor TV’s YouTube page www.youtube.com/astrotutortv.

In September 2012, …

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