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Error bX-59cppw

I get this stupid error message bX-59cppw when trying to hop into many blogs on Blogspot. I don’t know whether it’s from my internet browser (I use IE, Google Chrome & Firefox – all the same), or it’s Blogger doing a dirty job cleaning some random blogs?


Hopefully, it’s nothing serious… because I cannot read all my favorite blogs on Blogspot!!

If not mistaken, in December 2008… Blogger did some random deletion of blogs causing many bloggers losing everything in their blog. I hope this is not happening again.

I have checked in the Blogger’s forum but cannot find any …

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Become Top Referrers and Win Lot’s of Prizes!

This entry is just a gentle reminder that you have one week left to try becoming one of the Top Referrers for Oct 09, and win great prizes from Bagskaki!

Here’s what BagsKaki is offering MomBloggersPlanet Top Referrers for October 09.

ALL October 09 Top Referrers will get:

  • 30% discount e-voucher on all exclusive gin&Jacqie models available on BagsKaki AND
  • 5% discount e-voucher on all Coach/Cole Haan & other Designer branded items on BagsKaki

The TOP 2 referrers for MBP will get:

FREE Gin & Jacqie Roomy Susan baby bag (choose between blue, purple, black – while stocks …

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Blog Review Program – Di belakang Tabir

Bagi ahli MBP yang join sejak awal penubuhan MBP, mesti tahu tentang Blog Review Program yang dilancarkan pada 18hb April 2009. Ianya satu program bagi me-review blog ahli yang bersetuju untuk di review. Senang cakap… kena apply melalui komen yang dia mahu blognya di review.

Tujuannya bagi memperbaiki apa-apa kekurangan dan berkongsi kelebihan yang ada dengan mommies yang lain. Di samping tu boleh berkenalan dan berjumpa dengan kawan-kawan baru.

Oleh sebab sambutan yang terlebih hangat, maka saya terpaksa tutup dari application baru untuk Blog Review Program 1st Batch itu. Sebabnya, saya mahu komited menerjah, meneliti dan menulis review blog peserta.

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ContengHidup – Blog Review

Conteng-Conteng Hidup is the tagline that greeted me when I checked ContengHidup for this review. The header is considered very huge and is decorated with pictures of the owner’s kids.

Conteng-Conteng Hidup

The owner used a blog template named Pinki by OurBlogTemplates.com. The blog layout is a 3-columned with two sidebars on the right. On the middle sidebar, there are a Twitter updates widget, some banners, recent comments, archive, labels, live traffic feed, a shoutbox and link to favorite blogs, whereas on the right sidebar, there are top commentators and more link to favorite blogs.

The background is pink stripes with …

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The Most Valuable Gift – Takafulink Cerdik

Life is so unpredictable. You will never know when you will be gone and leave all your loved ones behind. It might be many more years from now, next month, next week, tomorrow, tonight, or a few seconds from now.

Scary but that’s a bitter fact we all need to accept.

No one can run away from death. But, things that you do NOW can make a whole lot difference to your babies and childrens in the future.

There are two things that matter the most in life of our kids – proper education and proper protection. …

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Got Boobies? Check Them!

Got boobies?

Yeah.. sure you do! But do you really take good care of your boobies?

Boobies…. a rather cute name for a pair of breasts. They are indeed very very important. Without them, you will never feel the same. Never!

Boobies spell beauty and self-confidence. That’s the sole reason why Hollywood celebrities love to boost up theirs with silicon injection here and there..ha..ha


Well, we Malaysian moms may not be so boobies-conscious as those celebrities. But, we should go boobies-conscious for another reason – our boobies are the best source of nutritions to our little babies!

Just imagine, what

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Wall Make-Up by Jundeco Stickers

Being a woman, we always concern about our body and face appearance. That’s why we use make-up to enhance our natural beauty.

Same goes to our blog. We do so many things to make up the blog so that it look unique and stand out from the rest.

But, how many of you thought of making up the wall in your home? Ha ah… walls also need some make up to cheer up your day.

No… I’m not talking about using expensive wallpapers. Besides, wallpapers are not easy to put on. It’s a messy job only specialist can do,

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Jundeco Stickers Contest

Yes! Another contest specially designed for MomBloggersPlanet members and readers.. yeay!

Have you ever heard of self-adhesive wall stickers? How about Jundeco Stickers? Pretty much…no?

Okay… let me brief a few lines about Jundeco Stickers.

Jundeco Stickers are self adhesive wall stickers designed to make your home beautiful in a jiffy. The wall stickers are imported from Korea and comes in many great designs. And, they’re so affordable and great alternative for wallpapers!!

The price range is from RM29 to RM89 for each lovely design.

Wall stickers from Jundeco Stickers can be used to decorate your bedroom, living …

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